Daily Prompt: Silence

image.jpegvia Daily Prompt: Silence

It’s that introspective moment.  Think, don’t act.

You can accomplish so much with so little.  Silence.

Leave the stress elsewhere.  Silence.

The truly funny thing is that, there does not need to be complete quiet.  The outside world will continue it’s buzzing about.  Airplanes will still clamor above you.  Trains will still grind upon the tracks.  Automobiles will still be honking. Other people will still be living their lives around you, watching their televisions, listening to their music, laughing with each other or for that matter, fighting.

Find your personal balance.  Relate to the world from within and you will find your own personal silence.  It’s there for the taking.  And you can grab it and run with it.  There is so much to learn and achieve when you find it.

And then, share it.  Share it with the world.  Share it freely.  Share it wisely.

Silence. Take the time for yourself and do it.