Train yourself to be a positive thinker

You can be a force for positive change in the world. You can choose to do this right now. All it takes is the desire and then the focus. That’s it. It’s so simple.
And yet, why does it seem so difficult? Why does this concept seem like we are on the treadmill going so fast and we are trailing behind about to fall off. 
First of all, we are living in a really fast paced world and it is so easy to become overwhelmed. Our email boxes are crammed with messages daily. The cell phone rings off the hook. We have obligations from every single angle adding complication after complication. It actually seems hard to focus on anything let alone something that seems to be cutting against the surface.
So, on your Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook, a meme comes across your feed constantly. A beautiful picture with a short quotation telling you something wonderful about pliving or creating beauty in the world. A meme is a quick idea. You look at it. You may even find some joy out of it in the moment and then you move onto something else in your life…. Until the next internet meme.
Let’s face it, we are inundated with this rhetoric all the time and we barely have the time to take notice, let alone do something about it. And that’s the point, do something. Take notice. Moving forward is one of the greatest things we can do in our lives.  
Use the information that is useful. When I was a kid, I had a sign hanging on my wall that said “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, I only waited till life handed me lemons to make lemonade, but the truth of the matter is … Go out and find some lemons, … Be creative with them. Make a lemon cake instead.  
Be positive. Engage yourself. And keep doing it because you have been trained to accept the what’s wrong with our lives, rather than concentrating on the right. We just love to play the victim. But that’s another story for another day. Until then, Be the most invincible version of you that you can imagine.