Win Tomorrow Today!

At Jo’s coffee shop in Austin… with Ginnie…20170218_215705338_ios I celebrate the fact that I submitted an application for coaching to JB Glossinger, the Morning Coach. I listen to his phenomenal podcast almost every single day.  The truth is though, that I feel that his brand of coaching is so beyond my means, but I also felt that I could no longer not ask for it.  I pat myself on the shoulder for making the move.  Imperfect action.  We’ll see… in the past, I would feel that if something was beyond my means, it wasn’t even worth asking for.  I’d be too disappointed if the answer is a staunch “NO”… but truth is I’ve gotten “NO” for an answer “many, many times” (You’d have to ask me about that particular phrase and I’d have a really great story on that) and I’ve definitely lived through the tragedy, pain and turmoil of it all.  It’s all good.